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  • Customer enjoys Zummo natural orange juice.

  • Zummo Ghana Limited facility. Weija, Accra, Ghana

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  • Sourcing raw material. Fresh natural orange fruit.

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  • Fresh from fruit farms.

  • Fresh from the farms

We produce natural orange juice using real fresh natural fruit from farmers and suppliers.

There are no additives, preservatives, artificial flavoring or colorig used in our production. Just the taste of real pure natural orange juice squeezed straight from our Zummo fruit machines into container bottles.

Our product is healthy and full of natural fruit vitamins suitable for all ages and genders. Ideal for the family, parties, weddings, funeral, resturants, hotels, schools, super market shops, and all events etc.

We retail our natural orange juice in bottles, gallons and produce custom orders as well.
Kindly contact us to place your order.

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